GENE NASSIF On Light Whiskey: “I didn’t live through the ’70s. I think that allowed me to look at [light whiskey] objectively,” says Eugene Nassif, a 27-year-old lawyer by trade, who helps source single barrels of whiskey for the Iowa-based Cat’s Eye Distillery, which recently released a 13-year-old light whiskey that Nassif had acquired. “While light whiskey may have gotten a bad rap when it was young, as it aged, it developed into something truly special.”

What is OBTAINIUM and why do we do it? OBTAINIUM is exactly what the name implies. We “obtain” barrels from distilleries all over the world. Including the US, Europe, Canada, and The Caribbean. We source these spirits of varying types, light whiskey, rye, bourbon, etc. to create our own blends and products. These products are bottled at either barrel strength or blended to create our signature flavors. That being said, all of our creations, whether it’s a single barrel bottling or one of our blended products, will be unique either to that particular barrel or batch. No two will ever be “exactly” the same. We strive to ensure flavor consistency
throughout every batch of our blends to give our fans confidence and the comfort of familiarity. That paired with slight variances in each batch, brings a sense of anticipation for the next batch.


OBTAINIUM Rye Whiskey has a full-bodied flavor of rye bread, vanilla, and nutmeg. Sourced from MGP in Indiana. Rye whiskey is, by law, made from a mash of at least 51% rye. (The other ingredients in the mash
are usually corn and malted barley.) The whiskey must be put in the barrels at no more than 125 proof (62.5% abv). Rye whiskey that has been aged for at least two years and has not been blended with other spirits may be further designated as straight, as in “straight rye whiskey”.

OBTAINIUM Light Whiskey came into existence in 1968 because consumers were moving away from Bourbon and more into clear spirits such as vodka or gin. Light whiskey is distilled between160-190 proof. Contrast that with Bourbon or American Rye which tops out at 160 proof. It must be aged in used, charred oak barrels or new, uncharred oak. Most distilleries didn’t let it age very long. Sourced from MGP in Indiana. Light whiskey fell out of favor, and stocks were left hanging around, mostly ignored and forgotten. UNTIL NOW!

OBTAINIUM Canadian Whiskey Our OBTAINIUM Canadian Whisky is a 26 year, 100% corn whisky. Distilled at around 160 proof, aged in used Rye casks by Palliser Distillery. Each barrel is bottled individually at barrel strength (unless proofing down is required by state).

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