Whiskey Barrel Purchase Program

The program will offer customers the opportunity to create their own custom whiskey selections. This project is a joint venture between John Baker, IT professional and owner of Cat’s Eye Distillery in Bettendorf, Iowa, and Eugene Nassif, an attorney in Des Moines, Iowa and whiskey enthusiast. These individuals met through a local whiskey enthusiast group. Ever since meeting, they have bounced ideas off each other for ways they could make an impact on Iowa’s whiskey industry.

The result is an experience like no other, brought to you by Cat’s Eye Distillery. Customers will be able to pick from various whiskies from around the US, Ireland, and Scotland. After a barrel is selected, Cat’s Eye will bottle the whiskey, and fit it with a custom label of the customer’s choosing. Finally, the finished bottles will be sold through a partner retailer, to comply with state regulations. Current whiskies available for selection include:

● 26-Yr Canadian Corn Whiskey

● 7-yr Light Whiskey

● Some of the above barrels are being finished in different types of wine and beer barrels.

● Wisconsin Bourbon finished in a brandy barrel.

The list is quickly changing with new whiskies. If you don’t see a product you like, Cat’s Eye Distillery will do its best to source a product to fit your needs. Finishing of a whiskey is also available in various wine, rum, new/used oak, and brandy casks. These barrel selections will yield anywhere between 75 and 300 custom bottles of whiskey from a 53-gallon barrel and 1400+ for a 1000 liter tote. Pricing varies greatly by whiskey selected, proof chosen, and packaging, but expect custom bottles to be priced competitively to on-the-shelf products of the same vintage, location, and proof. These bottles are perfect for restaurants, local retailers, corporate and family gifts, weddings, and charity/business events. For any questions, quotes on a barrel selection, or to reserve your spot for a barrel selection, contact John Baker at catseyedistillery@aol.com.

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